Hi👋 I'm Zoe Chew

Product builder. On Deck (ODF10). Apps on Product Hunt #1, Lifehacker, Hacker Noon. Product/Market advisor for tech cos (US/APAC). Analyst (consumer tech & platform economy)

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🚀 Products I Build

I build and launch ideas into working product in 24 hours

🎯 Personal goals 2021

I'm taking some crazy challenges:

📚 Books per year

🚀 Launch products





✍️ Blog posts


📧 Email list


📜 Blog traffic (month)


🧘🏻 Meditate min (day)


🏃 Exercise min (week)


📲 Phone screen hr (day)


👋 Meeting founders


😻 Hacker Noon interview

I shared on Hacker Noon (leading tech publication) on how I built & launched products

✍️ Articles I wrote

I write about building MVP & Notion productivity

📈 Growth & milestones

I build things and grow them into traction, revenue & profit

🧰 Tools & resources

Getting started in Notion, no-code, digital productivity, and product making.

🤓 My speaking

I challenge myself to give training, workshop and talk in public (now mostly speak virtually)

📌 Featured, globally

My app "I Lazy to Read" has been featured in tech news across United States, China, Turkey, Spain, Japan & Taiwan:

📚 Books I've done

I've read 93 books in 3 years on mindset, business and tech.

💖 Words from community

Public "wall of love" about my work

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If you're feeling generous & love my work, you can buy me a coffee

👋 Let's connect

I'm mostly spending time building things and minimally using social media. You can find me on: