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Video Hackathon

Explore business ideas through step-by-step videos on building ideas into working apps in 1 day. Take this working prototype and start monetizing your ideas with real users.

Build a B2B Online Marketplaces

Breaking down B2B startup ideas and building a MVP to monetize

Turn any content into monetize-able offerings on a no-code app


Tools and frameworks on how to go from ideas, prototypes, MVP and paying customers.

Prototypes that can actually Get Paying Customers

Can you really charge customers with a prototype?

Monetizing a Personal Website with 4 Business Models

My process in building, marketing & monetizing a personal site

Year 2020 review: Profitable Side Project, Startup MVPs

My process in building things that can invent opportunities

7 Highly Effective Product Builder Habits

Build better products with these product habits

24 Hours Startup: Build an eCommerce Mobile App

Build an app using Stripe, Google Sheets, and Glide

24 Hours Startup: Build a Meal Kit Delivery App

Build a startup using Stripe, Google Sheets, Glide & Carrd

In 3 Hours: Build a Virtual Conference Event App

Using spreadsheets to build an app for virtual events

Build a SaaS Subscription Tracker App

Simple app to manage your online subscription in 1 place

How to Startup: Build a Food Delivery Marketplace

Build a food delivery marketplace startup

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